3D - cheap and simple technology that always impresses

3D  exhibition for niea 2008
The display above uses red and green glasses to view Duratrans prints mounted on lightboxes. The device in the centre uses a revolving wheel to rotate 6 duratrans around a single static lightbox mounted in the centre.
3D anaglyph image of skate boarders in Belfast
'Anaglyph' images, like above, need red & green specs to view.
picture of kids wearing 3D specs

While Holywood is leading a 3D revival, my ‘old-fashioned’ techniques are cheap to do but no less engaging to every new generation. They require no special technology, just some adjustments to old-fashioned film cameras and a means to view.

Pictures can either be displayed as stereo pairs in a 3D-viewer (for slides or prints), or on a screen. 3D works particularly well with aerial pictures (eg. buildings like castles become very ‘model-like’).

3D has many practical applications, including science and advertising promotions.

Contact me if you have a project that might benefit from adding the 3d dimension, or if you'd like a printed sample (inc specs).