Mike Hartwell

A large part of my life was spent working in public service environmental interpretation. Awards included 'best stands' at the World Travel Show, Olympia 1992, the local Balmoral Show (1992, 2004, 2005), and also 'Interpret Ireland' 1995.

My experience is that when you put a sense of heart into what you do, people will always appreciate it.

When digital photography arrived, I started taking pictures wherever I went and this has gradually built up into the Northern-Eye collection.

I photograph anything that takes my fancy, from close-ups in my own wildlife garden to quirky snaps of anything unusual out there. Although the dawn and dusk have their attractions, I am keen to let composition be at the heart of expression, so have no rules about when & where to be. I am not a specialist wildlife photographer, neither am I particularly scientifically orientated, I am just a seeker of beauty wherever it can be found.

3D (stereo) photography is a fun speciality, with many applications in tourism, advertising, and audio-visuals.
I live near Killyleagh in Co Down.

Mike Hartwell December 2013
3D image of stilt walkers
robot drawing on beach
mike hartwell by light aeroplane